Our Team

All of our educators at Rosslyn Children's Center are considered Teachers, with no leads or assistants. This collaborative teaching approach nurtures a rich learning environment and encourages deeper curriculum development in and out of the classroom.

Teaching Teams


  • Ms. Susan
  • Ms. Leda
  • Ms. Mira
  • Ms. Naria


  • Mr. Curtis
  • Ms. Tram

Toddler A

  • Ms. Rita


  • Ms. Miranda
  • Miss. Aly

Toddler B

  • Ms. Adean
  • Miss. Erica
  • Ms. Diana


  • Miss. Sam
  • Miss. Jackie

Administrative Team

  • Kisha Lee, Executive Director
  • Brianna Meadows, Assistant Director

Center-wide Support Team

  • Antonella Barone, Support Teacher