Who We Are


Rosslyn Children’s Center is a non profit early childhood education center located in Arlington Virginia, in the heart of the Metro area. RCC has been providing and promoting child-centered early education for children from 8 weeks to 6 for over 20 years.  We are dedicated to providing a high quality educational program in a full day, full year nurturing environment.

Rosslyn Children’s Center is where…

  • Children learn in many different ways – it is our responsibility to address all the needs of a child – emotional, intellectual, social and physical;
  • Families are the most significant adults in a child’s life and must be supported in developing themselves both as parents and as individuals;
  • Educators are encouraged to keep growing in their field of expertise through support and resources such as workshops, training sessions and continued education.

Our Goals

  • a dedicated and experienced team of teachers supported by in house and outside resources and support;
  • a safe and stimulating physical environment;
  • a diverse daily program of activities for our children to encourage age-appropriate development and a positive self-image, curiosity, language, cognitive and  social abilities and fine and gross motor skills;
  • ongoing opportunities for our children to explore the world outside our center;
  • frequent events in which we encourage parent participation so that they can share in their child’s growing and learning;
  • a support system for families providing them with services including monthly Parents’ Night Out Evenings, school-wide social events and trainings on topics of interest to our families.