Primary Caregiver


All primary caregivers must meet the general qualifications, personal health, orientation training and staff development requirements for the applicable position as established by RCC and the governing regulatory agencies. In addition, all primary caregivers are expected to work as part of a team, in the classroom and then generally, within the center and may be asked to assist with duties, for the benefit of a classroom or the center, not specifically mentioned on the individual job description.


Position qualifications:

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in early childhood or child development field from an accredited college or university.

Minimum: Associates Degree or 60 hours of college credit from an accredited college or university of which 30 semester hours are in Early Childhood Education or Child Development and two years of age appropriate experience in a child development setting working with infants .

Any exception in minimum qualifications upon hire will need to be satisfied within 6 months.

Position objective:

The objective of this position is to provide leadership to the program, his/her classroom team and parents by participating in the development, organization and implementation of the weekly lesson plan/daily routine in accordance with the program goals, center policies, philosophy and curriculum. Individualized plans are to be developed and implemented as the primary caregiver to coordinate with the classroom plan for (up to) 3 infants and, as a member of a team, provide input into the day to day implementation of age and developmentally appropriate activities. Weekly plans are to be submitted to the Curriculum Specialist for approval on the Thursday of the week prior to the week of implementation.

Position responsibilities:

Primary caregivers are responsible for the overall care and instruction of (up to) 3 infants, as well as working as part of a team in implementing classroom management and in the coordination of the activities for his/her program. An effective classroom team emphasizes the strengths of each member while working toward a coordinated implementation of the daily routine, positive discipline, individual lesson plans and age and developmentally appropriate, challenging activities. Primary Caregivers are primarily responsible for (up to) three children in their care and for working as part of the teaching team by:

(1) Preparing the individual development plans that contribute to the care, growth and development of the children assigned
to his/her care.

(2) Participate, as a member of the classroom teaching team, in the development and implementation of the daily routine
and classroom plan.

(3) Be knowledgeable of the emergency and ongoing safety procedures required and in place according to state, county
and center regulations and policies.

(4) Responsible for ensuring that developmental materials required to implement the daily activities plan for his/her primary
children are in accordance with the center philosophy are prepared, as well as , by actively participating as a member of
the classroom team, contributing to the overall availability of the developmental materials required for the classroom.

(5) Participate in maintaining a clean and orderly environment conducive to optimal growth and development of children in
accordance with center , state and county licensing agencies and policies.

(6) Attend and participate in classroom team meetings on a regular basis within his/her own classroom and required center
staff meetings.

(7) Participate with the children in group and individual activities.

(8) Assist children with self-care activities.

(9) Communicate with parents, staff and administration in a friendly, open and positive manner, according to center policy.

(10) Actively participate in the successful creation and maintenance of files as required, including but not limited to:

  • a. Lesson plans
  • b. Individual children’s files
  • c. Classroom attendance logs
  • d. Incident reports
  • e. Medical authorization forms

(11) Informing other members of the teaching team (as applicable) and administration of any concerns, suggestions or
problems which require action.

Primary caregivers are required to annually complete sixteen (16) hours of development that shall:

(1) Be related to children and the function of the center;

(2) Consist of some source outside the center which may include but not be limited to audio and visual tapes, conferences
and workshops;

(3) Be from someone with verifiable expertise or experience when conducted as in service training;

(4) Include annually the topics of safety for children, child development and discipline, and playground and outdoor
supervision for staff.

Primary Caregivers are required to maintain current certification for First aid and CPR.