RCC COVID-19 Policy

RCC COVID-19 Policy

Vaccine Mandate

The health and safety of Rosslyn Children’s Center employees and children is our top priority. To help ensure that we continue to operate in the safest manner possible, Rosslyn Children’s Center will require all employees and contractors to provide one of the following:

  • Written evidence of full COVID-19 immunization from an authorized healthcare provider or government authority; or
  • Request for medical or religious exemption as an accommodation

We are proud to share that our staff is 100% vaccinated!

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  1. Parents MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES when interacting with RCC staff. We strongly encourage each individual to stay at least 6ft away from others as much as possible.
  2. All children 2 years and older are required to wear a mask in common areas, this includes pick up and drop off. (We recommend that you buy your child a mask with a drawstring, for comfort and flexibility.)
  3. All children must undergo a health screening prior to being admitted to the center. The health screening will include: a temperature check, Covid-19 health screening questions, and a head to toe wellness check.
  4. Children with fevers of 100.4 or greater will not be admitted and/or dismissed from the program until they are fever-free for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.
  5. A child will not be admitted to the center or will be subject to dismissal if any of the following occurs: constant cough, constant runny nose, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, flushed cheeks, unusual fatigue or extreme fussiness, pink eye, vomiting, or diarrhea. (RCC reserves the right to exclude any child that does not seem well as deemed by our staff and administration.)
  6. Staff members must wear masks at all times while working with children and interacting with parents.
  7. All staff members must undergo a health screening before being admitted to the center. The health screening will include: a temperature check (100.4) and Covid-19 related health screening questions.
  8. Advance notice must be given to RCC if a child will be arriving or picked up outside of the designated pick up times.
  9. Parents must apply sunscreen on their child(ren) prior to sending them to school.
  10. Parents and staff must promptly notify RCC of any suspected and/or positive Covid-19 tests either personally or in their household.
  11. Any parent, child and/or staff that tests positive for Covid-19 or has a family member that lives in their household test positive for Covid-19 must be excluded from the center for at least 14 days. The 14-day period will start from the last date the child was at the center.
  12. If a positive test occurs in the center RCC, in coordination with the local health department, will assess whether a classroom-only or center-wide closure is warranted.
  13. Community members (staff, children, and parents) shall follow all state and local health guidance outside of RCC to not raise the risk of exposure to staff and children at the center. Failure to follow state and local health guidance could result in exclusion/dismissal from the program.
  14. Due to the ever-changing guidance on Covid-19, these policies and procedures are subject to change as more guidance is given from the state, federal, and local health agencies.