Who we are…

Rosslyn Children’s Center (RCC), is a quality early childhood development center serving children and families from birth through age six. RCC teachers, administration  and families combine to form a small but vibrant community dedicated to providing a  consistent, nurturing, creative and responsive environment in which each of our children will learn, grow and flourish.

Since 1991, “RCC” has been guiding children’s learning through play; promoting the success of each individual child.  Guided by our two curriculum specialists and experienced administrative team, our knowledgeable and dedicated teaching team work together to provide developmentally and age appropriate experiences which foster growth, curiosity and development.

Our infants are guided by their loving and nurturing “primary caregivers”, each of whom is dedicated to providing up to three infants with an individualized daily routine and environment designed to promote each infant’s self esteem and sense of curiosity, enabling their success at each stage of development.

Our toddlers through kindergarteners are each guided by teaching teams.  We believe that the combination of teachers, each committed to providing excellence, rather than a hierarchy of “leads and aides” lends itself to a richer, more creative, more cohesive environment in which both our children and teachers thrive.  In addition to working together on daily activities, weekly lesson planning and individualized plans, our teams have the opportunity to work with our curriculum specialists to further enhance the opportunities we are providing for our children.

Our dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of current parents, community members and past parents, combine their energy and expertise to support and guide our long term vision and mission. Together, we work each day to create a world for our children, our teachers, our families and our administration wherein we all feel challenged, vital and valued.