Our Team

All of our educators at Rosslyn Children's Center are considered Teachers, with no leads or assistants. This collaborative teaching approach nurtures a rich learning environment and encourages deeper curriculum development in and out of the classroom.

Administrative Team

Antonella Barone,
Executive Director

Christal Everette,
Administrative Director

Teaching Teams

Blue Jays Team

Ms. Mira
Ms. Mynaia

Swans Team

Ms. Diana

Ms. Leda

Cardinals Team

Ms. Joy

Lion Cubs Team

Ms. Adean

Ms. Inaya

Bears Team

Ms. Kalese

Ms. Naze

Chipmunks Team

Ms. Phyllis

Ms. Asia

Wolves Team

Ms. Jala

Ms. Aminah

Support Teachers

Ms. Tram
Ms. Narvin
Ms. Frey

Curriculum Specialists

Mr. Luca
Mr. Curtis
(2-3's, 3-4's, Pre-K)