RCC’s Mission & Philosophy


Community at our Core


Educators and families work in partnership to provide a joyful environment where children are encouraged to explore and interact with the world around them.


At RCC, a sense of community is at the core of all our intentions, decisions, and choices. Our program enthusiastically supports and encourages these connections, because we believe:

  • Each member of the community – children, families, and educators – feels valued and is encouraged to grow in an atmosphere that is physically, emotionally, and cognitively safe.

  • Knowledge and creativity occur through interactions with other people, the environment, and concepts.

  • Authentic and exciting learning happens when children collaborate to compare ideas and understanding, and inspire each other’s thinking.

  • Children and adults develop a powerful sense of self when they are confident in their ability to explore new areas of the environment and find independent solutions to challenges.

  • Reciprocal Family – Educator partnerships are sustained and strengthened with regular opportunities to interconnect, through informal conversations, newsletters, classroom visits, conferences, and events beyond the school day.

  • Each child’s unique learning style and personality is better understood when families and educators share their perspectives and collaborate in making decisions that affect the children.