Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a community of families and educators working in partnership to provide a joyful environment where children are encouraged to explore and interact with the world around them.

Our Philosophy

At RCC, a sense of community is at the core of all our intentions, decisions, and choices. Our program enthusiastically supports and encourages these connections, because we believe:

  • Each member of the community – children, families, and educators – feels valued and is encouraged to grow in an atmosphere that is physically, emotionally, and cognitively safe.
  • Knowledge and creativity occur through interactions with other people, the environment, and concepts.
  • Authentic and exciting learning happens when children collaborate to compare ideas and understanding, and inspire each other’s thinking.
  • Children and adults develop a powerful sense of self when they are confident in their ability to explore new areas of the environment and find independent solutions to challenges.
  • Reciprocal Family – Educator partnerships are sustained and strengthened with regular opportunities to interconnect, through informal conversations, newsletters, classroom visits, conferences, and events beyond the school day.
  • Each child’s unique learning style and personality is better understood when families and educators share their perspectives and collaborate in making decisions that affect the children.

Our Emergent Curriculum

In order for us to build and sustain a community of enthusiastic and inquisitive learners, we believe each member (child, family and teacher) must feel “heard”, supported and challenged.

Our lesson plans are determined by what is relevant to the children (i.e. if a child gets a new puppy, becomes a big brother/sister, experiences a loss, moves to a new house, etc.). Approaching learning through the discussion and exploration of relevant, timely topics may be more “difficult”, but it enables learning to become personal and meaningful and it allows for mutual creativity and involvement.

Through this curriculum, our goals are to:

  • Inspire and acknowledge curiosity, celebration and inquiry in the classroom and beyond.
  • Build intrinsic motivation and a long term love of learning
  • Support and honor varied learning styles and abilities enabling each child to celebrate their unique talents and strengths
  • Recognize that critical learning takes place during conflict, negotiations, brainstorming and resolution
  • Develop and grow a community dedicated to the success of each of its members
  • Attract, maintain and support a teaching team with a firm knowledge of early childhood development and a fundamental belief in the power of PLAY

Our Leadership

Our devoted leadership team works every day to create a fun and inspiring environment for our students, and leads our staff through integrity, support, and positivity.

Antonella Barrone
Executive Director
Joined RCC in 2014

Christal Everette
Assistant Director
Joined RCC in 2020

Our Teacher & Curriculum Specialist Team

We are proud to have a dedicated team of teachers and curriculum specialists who bring an immense amount of expertise and experience to the classrooms, every day.

Ms. Adean
Joined RCC in 2010

Mr. Curtis
Joined RCC in 2008

Ms. Diana
Joined RCC in 2011

Ms. Endia
Joined RCC in 2022

Ms. Frey
Joined RCC in 2021

Ms. Inaya
Joined RCC in 2021

Ms. Leda
Joined RCC in 2009

Ms. Mira
Joined RCC in 2012

Mr. Ron
Joined RCC in 2022

Ms. Tiarra
Joined RCC in 2022

Ms. Tram
Joined RCC in 2012

Mr. Zander
Joined RCC in 2022

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of a diverse and experienced group of RCC parents who are committed to the advancement of our organization.

Emma Formoso

Joy Lee
Vice President

Marc Azzarello

Julia Rollison

Arati Krishnamoorthy

Kaelyn Lowmaster

Syed Mohiuddin

Tonya Peshkova